Thursday, August 31, 2006

Debby's here!

The newest member of our family has arrived! Debby, our 16-year-old exchange student from Neuenhagen, Germany, will be living with us for the next ten months as she attends her junior year at our local high school. I never took the opportunity to study overseas myself when I was younger, but I'm thrilled to participate now from the other end; I consider foreign exchange programs a wonderful experience for everyone involved and believe that they forward mutual understanding and world peace. I expect that by the end of the year, her English (which is already quite good) and my German (which isn't) will have improved dramatically, and that we'll also have learned much about the history, politics, and culture of our respective countries.

Willkommen in Amerika, Debby! Wir freuen uns sehr, daß Du hier bist!

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