Monday, October 16, 2006

My sentiments exactly

One of my current projects at work is collecting and acting upon input to improve the user-friendliness of our product, an effort known simply as "EoU" (Ease-of-Use). While the initiative is welcomed by those who use and support the tool, I haven't yet succeeded in convincing my fellow developers and our supervisors of the project's importance. This leads to a fair amount of frustration for those of us who are pushing for the changes when our recommendations and requests fall on deaf ears. So I got a good laugh when I received the following in my inbox:

Subject: EoU spreadshit update

I doubt it was an intentional pun or even a Freudian slip, since the engineer who sent it is a mild-mannered, non-native English speaker. Nonetheless, his description seems particularly accurate on this Monday morning.

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