Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pure genius

I mostly distance myself from the so-called "blogging community", reading only a few blogs written by friends or those whom I greatly admire. I'd fallen behind during the holidays, and in the process of catching up I discovered this gem.

I am in complete awe. This man's command of language, both English and foreign, his ability to turn the most mundane of events into such a masterpiece of wit and poetry, his mellifluous voice pronouncing perfect Italian and Spanish...oh, and did I mention that he's a gifted concert pianist? I think I'm in love. The aspiring violinist in me may have a crush on his colleague JB, but for the language lover in me, it's Dr. Denk all the way. In the words of the music critic of The New Yorker, "Who needs music critics when you have performers who can write like that?"

The new year is traditionally an inspiring time, but in the face of such genius, I'm tempted to pack it all in. I shall never, ever ascend to such great heights. Jeremy Denk, you are my hero.

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