Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wishful thinking

My five-year-old daughter put up a sign on the door of our guest room: THE KIDS LEAVE ME ALONE AREA. I thought that sounded like a wonderful place to spend the evening, until she informed me it was THE KIDS' "LEAVE ME ALONE" AREA, not---as I'd hoped---THE "KIDS LEAVE ME ALONE" AREA.

Once again, it's all in the punctuation.


bookfraud said...

ha! out of the mouths of babes. bad punctuation can start a war. so i presume the kids didn't leave you alone, but you had to leave them alone.

behold my future.

Language Lover said...

Exactly. Once yours starts walking and talking, watch out. On the bright side, you'll have lots more great fodder for your blog.

Thanks for the comment.