Thursday, April 24, 2008

Auch nicht übersetzbar

After dropping my daughter off at her German-American preschool this morning, I noticed a "Quotes of the Week" posted on the door of one of the older kids' classrooms.

"Wenn ein Mann ein Buch schreibt, dann heißt er 'Autor'. Wie heißt es, wenn eine Frau ein Buch schreibt?"



Douggle said...

I must be getting better than I thought. I think I just got a pun in another language.

Buffi said...

Hello, i just found your Blog. Thanks for this wonderful joke. I am a german girl and i had to laugh this morning as i read your entry about translations.

Do you know how to translate the female german author? It's called: Autorin :-))) But "Frautor" is also wonderful...

Have a nice day.

PS: I see that your entry is from 2008... it's a shame that i didn't found your blog earlyer

Many greets from south germany (Freiburg)