Monday, September 29, 2008

Say again?

I was recently emailed an article in Mandarin from my daughters' Taiwanese school. I've written before about how online translators should never be used if one wants quality output, but they can be useful in some cases to get a rough (if ungrammatical) sense of what is being said.

Very rough, in this case (courtesy Altavista's Babelfish)...

The earth flow destroys the homeland “to teach them to move” Reporter Liang Yufang, Lai Suling Writer Huang Chun stated clearly some time ago occurred on his body's small story: “once me to ride the train from Yilan to return to Taibei, Swiss fragrant that station group of high-school students, pushes chats outside the restroom creates a disturbance. I come out from the restroom, a vehicle curve, I hit to a student. 'how do you do?'He is not very happy. “I said: 'sorry, the vehicle sways very much fiercely.'He has a look at me, said: 'you soon have died in any case.'My good pain, went home saying that at heart listened to wife, how did Taiwan's child change this? I quickly die do not need you to say like this.” Just retired when Jinan University Professor Li Jiatong at the beginning of this year to cyanine UK high-school student lecture, talks about the Indian poor person hunger to probably want food with the monkey the situation, under the stage the student to laugh. Li Jiatong has been angry, reprimanding young student: “I am not the comedian clown, comes joyful everybody; This country must some people tell the young people the serious matter, lets them see the world the truth.”

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