Friday, October 03, 2008

Nerd humor

I just had a disagreement with my coworker on whether the C/C++ programming keyword "enum" should be pronounced "e-noom" or "e-numm." I think he's actually right that the former makes more sense, since it's short for "enumerated". But the incident reminded me of one of my favorite jokes ever, on the pronunciation of the names of a well-known operating system and a text editor:

We were discussing how to pronounce certain computer names. Is "Linux" pronounced "Lin-ucks" or "Lie-nucks"? And is the editor "vi" called "veye" or "Vee-Eye"?

So we tapped them into our friendly Mac, and asked its verdict on pronunciation: "Linux" is pronounced "Lin-uks". "vi" is pronounced "Six".


S said...

Guess I'm a nerd, 'cause that made me laugh.

Doug said...

That's 'cause it's funny!