Sunday, March 16, 2014

FROZEN's "Let It Go": one stop, many languages!

Since watching the movie Frozen and watching the famous multilingual version of Let It Go" in twenty-five languages, I've been completely obsessed with the song.  Having memorized the English version, I'm now on my way to learning as many of the 40+ other versions Disney has released.

So here it is: a one-stop table to "Let It Go" in all the languages I can find, many with lyrics and translations (and romanizations for those in non-Latin alphabets).

You can also listen to one and a half hours' worth of the song in twenty-three languages back-to-back; I've done this too!

Language Animation Lyrics Romanization Translation Link
Bulgarian x in desc in desc in desc video
Cantonese x x video
Catalan x x n/a video
Croatian x x n/a x video
Czech x x n/a x video
Danish x n/a x video
Dutch x x n/a x video
English (original) x n/a n/a n/a video
Estonian in desc n/a in desc video
Finnish x x n/a x video
Flemish x x n/a x video
French x x n/a x video
German x n/a x video
Greek x x x in desc video
Hebrew x x x x video
Hungarian x x n/a x video
Icelandic x x n/a video
Italian x x n/a x video
Japanese x x x x video
Korean x x x video
Lithuanian n/a video
Malay x x n/a x video
Mandarin (China) x x x x video
Mandarin (Taiwan) x x x video
Norwegian x x n/a x video
Polish x x n/a x video
Portuguese (Brazil) x x n/a x video
Portuguese (EU) x x n/a x video
Russian in desc in desc video
Serbian x x n/a x video
Slovak in desc n/a video
Slovene n/a video
Spanish (EU) x x n/a x video
Spanish (Latin America) x x n/a x video
Swedish x x n/a x video
Thai x x x x video
Turkish n/a video
Ukranian x x video
Vietnamese x n/a video


indythegeek said...

Something missed in the English re-translation of the Russian version is that it is her "Queendom", a word that is shamefully missing in English.

Anonymous said...
High quality of some versions

alat bantu sex said...

i like english lenguage

Anonymous said...

For a welsh version try

Language Lover said...

I love it! Thank you!

Chris Angelico said...

I'm assembling a collection like this, in a format suitable for video player subtitles (eg VLC Media Player). There's only a handful that I haven't done yet, including Slovene; while I found a transcript on the internet, I haven't found a translation. If anyone knows of one, do please let me know!

"Let It Trans" project:

Chris Angelico said...

Hah, just after posting that I found a video with subtitles and translation. is my new source.

Chris Angelico said...

The "Let It Trans" project is complete! Feel free to suggest corrections, but at very least, there's something basic down there for every one of them.

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